Current Opportunities

We currently have a variety of roles which service users can be involved with and we provide comprehensive training for all of them.

Service User Assessors for Service User Led Accreditation Programme

This role involves visiting ELFT services with a team of 2-3 other service users to check how well the team meet standards that our important to service users.  You will travel to a service in London or Bedfordshire, take part in a tour of the service and interview staff, service users and carers.  Currently all visits are virtual using online meetings platforms.

Experienced assessors are offered the opportunity to upskill and train as Lead Assessors who then help guide other assessors through the day, assigning roles and ensuring everything keeps to time.

Services who meeting a high enough number of standards will achieve ‘Accredited’ status. You can read more about Service User Led Accreditation Programme here.

Mock CQC Experts by Experience

This role also visiting ELFT services but this time with a team of 2-3 clinicians.  You will help the team measure the service against standards our regulator uses: the Care Quality Commission. This covers a range of things including how safe the service is, does it help service users get better and does it listen to their feedback.

You can read more about our CQC@ELFT process here.

Training Service Users

For service users who are experienced in either CQC mock inspections or Service User Led accreditation visits, we welcome them to get involved in running our training sessions for those new to the process.  This is perfect for those who love to teach others!

Find out whats its like to a be a part of the team with One of our Lead Assessors Debbie Brathwaite