29 November 2021

Wardown CMHT: Journey to achieving Gold !

“The Service User Led Accreditation Programme gave us an opportunity to receive genuine feedback and insight into our service. Achieving Gold has been amazing for our whole team – is there platinum award? We want to reach even further”

Adrian Sabo, Wardown CMHT

Wardown CMHT is a very busy team, the largest in Luton and our caseload is very complex. In 2019 we worked intensely on a QI project that helped us implement positive changes, improved our structure of communication with service users and carers, and overall helped significantly improve our service – but I felt our team was still in the shadows, the outside world didn’t know about all the incredible work we do every day.

That is why I decided to enrol our team in the Service User Accreditation programme, I had to bring to the surface all the amazing things we do in Wardown CMHT.

Going through the process

I was determined to highlight all the good work we do, therefore I made sure to plan our participation in the programme. I delegated the work to different team members depending on capacity, ensuring our clinical work wasn’t compromised. We allowed staff protected time to dedicate to this work. We had a nominated person to invite the service users and carers to take part.

The whole team contributed to the self-assessment and I completed the report based on the information we gathered. Everyone in the team had a role in the process, and that led to a boosted sense of morale and trust within the team.

We got Gold!

Being awarded Gold was fantastic – finally it was out in the open how hard we work and the difference that we make to people’s lives. We are now out of the shadows for everyone to see!

The Service user led accreditation programme gave us an opportunity to receive genuine feedback and insight into our service. Achieving Gold has been amazing for our whole team – is there a platinum award? We want to reach even further!

Taking part also helped us highlight some areas where we could further improve and make changes. It can sometimes be very difficult as a team to be aware of all the little things that service users notice, this process helped us learn about our service from the perspective of our service users

Take this opportunity to learn and show off

If there are teams out there considering signing up I would encourage you to go ahead and do it! You will learn so much about your service, and you get the chance to truly showcase your incredible work.

My number one advice for those taking part is to plan and structure the work, delegate the different tasks and involve the whole team.

Service user led accreditation is the way to show the rest of the world what you have achieved – a gateway to showcase your work. It is a confirmation that you are a good team, you are effective and deliver high standards of care.

Is it your turn to shine? It is now possible to register at any time, fill out the registration form here.